T4LYF – Relaxation Tea

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When you wish you were lying in the sun on a deserted island…

Simply have a cup of T4LYF’s Relaxation tea! Our Relaxation tea blend helps your mind and body to relax and rejuvinate and forget the worries of the world!

Designed by our qualified Chinese medical practitioners, Relaxation contains ingredients that are known to specifically relax the body and relieve stress and anxiety.

Chinese Herbalists have been using Malt and Jujube for centuries as they are both known to be a natural sedative to assist with sleep.

Chinese Red Tea, Rose, Lotus, Lavender and Lily are all well known to assist in relaxing the mind and body.

Jiaogulan is known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure while assisting with digstion and boosting immunity.

Top this off with some Liquorice Root that both relieves PMS pain and acts as a natural antidepressant and the Relaxation tea blend is what you need to take your mind off the worries off today and drift off into a world of relaxation!

Ingredients: Chinese Red Tea, Jiaogulan, Rose, Lotus, Jujube, Lavender, Lily, Liquorice Root, Malt.

Contains 40 Tea Bags.

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