T4LYF – Hangover Lift Tea

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After a big night when all you want to do is stay in bed…

Well now you dont need to! Our Hangover Lift tea blend gives you back the energy to get up and get on with your day!

Designed by our qualified Chinese medical practitioners, Hangover Lift contains ingredients that are known to specifically reduce the effects of a hangover or a headache.

Chinese Herbalists have been using Flowers of the Kudzu Vine for centuries as they are known to ease headaches.

Chamomile is also well known for reducing headaches, easing cramps and assisting with sleep.

Bitter Orange helps to stimulate and awaken the mind while Dandelion assists to detox the liver.

Top this off with some Wild Mountain Tea with its high antioxidant levels to assist digestion and the Hangover Lift tea blend is what you need to get yourself out of bed!

Ingredients: Wild Mountain Tea, Dandelion, Chamomile, Bitter Orange, Flower of the Kudzu Vine.

Contains 40 Tea Bags.

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