T4LYF – Fertilitea

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Give your body the nourishment it needs at this special time of your life…

Whether you are trying to become pregnant, alread pregnant or have given birth to a special bundle of joy and are breastfeeding, our Fertilitea blend has all the ingredients that your body needs to stay at its peak.

Designed by our qualified Chinese medical practitioners, Fertilitea contains ingredients that are known to specifically boost fertility as well as support the body both during and post pregnancy .

Chinese Herbalists have been using Vitex Fruit and Schisandra for centuries as they are known to boost fertility.

Dandelion Root assists in clearing stagnation in the breasts which can greatly reduce the risk of Mastitis.

Lycium Berry helps to improve circulation and lower blood pressure while Field Mint relieves tension, boosts immunity and benefits the nervous system.

Top this off with some Green Tea to balance the bodies blood sugar levels and the Fertilitea tea blend will give your body the nutrients it needs at this special time of your life.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Vitex Fruit, Field Mint, Lycium Berry, Dandelion Root, Schisandra

Contains 30 Tea Bags.

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